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No Warning, Advisory or Watch is in effect for Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

Magnitude Agency Local Time (GMT-4) Latitude Longitude Depth Region
4.04 MdPRSN2014-04-15 01:50:2718.9765-63.76443VIRGIN ISLANDS PLATFORM
6.9 MwpPRSN2014-04-14 23:57:06-53.5278.70411.7BOUVET ISLAND REGION
4.11 MdPRSN2014-04-09 13:53:1718.5071-68.8046127EASTERN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
2.56 MdPRSN2014-03-26 23:50:1618.1493-67.218615WESTERN PUERTO RICO
3.55 MdPRSN2014-03-20 08:13:4118.0651-68.6613156EASTERN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
4.33 MdPRSN2014-03-12 07:50:4519.3933-67.068328PUERTO RICO TRENCH
6.8 MwpPRSN2014-03-10 22:44:06-60.847-19.95116EAST OF SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS
3.58 MdPRSN2014-03-10 11:47:1319.6078-67.89610PUERTO RICO TRENCH
3.48 MdPRSN2014-03-09 18:02:4019.5288-68.069375PUERTO RICO TRENCH
3.91 MdPRSN2014-03-07 23:50:2219.5981-67.829543PUERTO RICO TRENCH
3.67 MdPRSN2014-03-07 19:38:5019.0631-65.352634SOMBRERO SEISMIC ZONE
3.88 MdPRSN2014-03-07 02:16:2119.543-67.945630PUERTO RICO TRENCH
4.6 MlPRSN2014-03-06 17:56:4519.4685-67.925152PUERTO RICO TRENCH
3.64 MdPRSN2014-02-23 03:53:3719.753-67.149548PUERTO RICO TRENCH
6.5 MwpNEIC2014-02-18 05:27:1214.651-58.94816.9NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN
2.65 MdPRSN2014-02-17 12:44:1418.3811-66.978517CENTRAL REGION OF PUERTO RICO
2.98 MdPRSN2014-02-16 21:56:0418.2188-65.96988EAST REGION OF PUERTO RICO
3.63 MdPRSN2014-02-15 13:17:4318.8276-67.893381SEPTENTRIONAL FAULT ZONE
6.0 MbNEIC2014-02-08 15:50:28-61.435-45.24018SCOTIA SEA
3.49 MdPRSN2014-02-08 11:22:3818.7488-68.977136EASTERN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
3.49 MdPRSN2014-02-04 19:11:2019.4898-68.730633PUERTO RICO TRENCH
3.64 MdPRSN2014-02-03 17:10:2719.6291-64.587854PUERTO RICO TRENCH
4.11 MdPRSN2014-02-03 01:28:0119.0483-64.82637SOMBRERO SEISMIC ZONE
3.59 MdPRSN2014-02-02 02:48:3119.682-64.176636PUERTO RICO TRENCH
6.1 MwpPRSN2014-01-31 23:58:39-57.21-27.266102SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
3.61 MdPRSN2014-01-16 03:38:1019.1491-66.67053719░ N FAULT ZONE
3.35 MdPRSN2014-01-14 19:50:3019.0628-66.77454419░ N FAULT ZONE
3.51 MdPRSN2014-01-14 11:27:2919.5288-64.333346PUERTO RICO TRENCH
4.24 MdPRSN2014-01-14 08:08:5019.129-66.91834219░ N FAULT ZONE
3.60 MdPRSN2014-01-13 06:50:0218.844-66.7844119░ N FAULT ZONE
3.68 MdPRSN2014-01-13 03:12:2119.1383-66.8454119░ N FAULT ZONE
3.59 MdPRSN2014-01-13 03:08:0819.1106-66.78653819░ N FAULT ZONE
6.4 MwpPRSN2014-01-13 00:01:0519.1385-66.82313619░ N FAULT ZONE
3.05 MdPRSN2014-01-11 04:04:3218.7941-67.2886MONA CANYON
3.65 MdPRSN2014-01-09 12:17:5719.5351-68.00511PUERTO RICO TRENCH
2.92 MdPRSN2014-01-05 12:56:5818.033-67.188513SOUTHWEST REGION OF PUERTO RICO
3.17 MdPRSN2014-01-04 14:49:5018.821-67.15069NORTHERN PUERTO RICO
3.72 MdPRSN2014-01-03 06:14:5419.4416-67.994830PUERTO RICO TRENCH
3.52 MdPRSN2014-01-03 03:01:3919.3383-68.155115SEPTENTRIONAL FAULT ZONE
2.65 MdPRSN2014-01-02 23:37:2118.1863-66.91922CENTRAL REGION OF PUERTO RICO
3.03 MdPRSN2014-01-02 05:54:5218.2201-65.97068EAST REGION OF PUERTO RICO
4.17 MdPRSN2013-12-29 07:54:0919.3711-68.142643SEPTENTRIONAL FAULT ZONE
3.54 MdPRSN2013-12-27 13:44:4718.7801-64.955159VIRGIN ISLANDS PLATFORM
3.39 MdPRSN2013-12-24 22:12:1019.1466-66.49563519░ N FAULT ZONE
3.52 MdPRSN2013-12-15 12:42:5119.6158-64.459310PUERTO RICO TRENCH
3.57 MdPRSN2013-12-15 11:43:1818.9936-64.021857VIRGIN ISLANDS PLATFORM
3.60 MdPRSN2013-12-12 14:10:1219.2285-67.743310SEPTENTRIONAL FAULT ZONE
3.80 MdPRSN2013-12-11 20:41:4918.5326-68.2138157EASTERN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
3.65 MdPRSN2013-12-06 19:19:2019.1103-66.20681919░ N FAULT ZONE
3.50 MdPRSN2013-12-03 13:57:4317.391-67.803626MUERTOS TROUGH
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