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National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program

The NTHMP is designed to reduce the impact of tsunamis through hazard assessment, warning guidance, and mitigation. NTHMP Hazard Assessment, through the NTHMP Mapping and Modeling Subcommittee, works toward the production of tsunami inundation maps, based on long-term tsunami forecasts, for use in community planning, standardized data archives, and the understanding of historical tsunami events. Warning Guidance, through the NTHMP Warning Coordination Subcommittee, addresses improving tsunami warnings and associated information, seismic data acquisition and processing, and warning communications. Mitigation, through the NTHMP Mitigation Subcommittee, works toward improving: outreach activities; hazard mitigation planning; evacuation planning; educational material development; NOAA's TsunamiReady program; public education; tsunami workshops; tsunami evacuation exercises; and land-use planning. These components of NTHMP are a part of a strong and active partnership between federal, state and territorial agencies. This partnership enables all levels of government to quickly assess potential problems with the U.S. Tsunami Warning System (including response at the state and local levels) and work toward giving the greatest benefit to tax payers and our partners with the goal of saving lives and reducing damage to property and the economy.

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