Tsunami Media Kit Team


Project manager Víctor J. Rivera
Graphic design and artwork Michelle A. Cruz
Researchers Flor García
Cristina Gallardo
Production assistantAstrid Díaz
Administrative supportJeanette López
Programmers Jenniffer Acosta, Xiomayra Valentín and Julián Seda (Standard website)
Julián Seda and Xiomayra Valentín (Website for Android, Iphone y Blackberry)
Raymond Pagán (Virtual tsunami media guide)


Puerto Rico Seismic Network Víctor Huérfano, Lillian Soto, Carolina Hincapié and Wildaomaris González
CTWP, NOAA-NWS Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade
NOAA-NWS Ernesto Morales
Meteorologist Rafael Mojica
Univisión, Puerto Rico Ada Monzón


Independent proofreader Margarita Santori
Telemundo, Puerto Rico Roberto Cortés
Version 3.0 (March, 2012)
This guide was produced at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez with grant NA09NWS4670012 from NOAA.