No Warning, Advisory or Watch is in effect for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Conference Request

Steps for requesting conferences and/or visits to the Puerto Rico Seismic Network

We offer conferences, orientations, and participation in educational activities for schools, governmental or private agencies, social entities, communities, churches, general public, among others. To request or to coordinate conferences in the Mayagüez Campus and the Puerto Rico Seismic Network (maximum of 10 people), in your school or in your workplace, please fill the online form or see the alternate methods for requesting a conference.

Conference Regulations

*Conferences for government agencies, educational or non-profit entities are free of cost

Virtual conferences

  1. The conference applicant must have internet access and sound system
  2. You will receive an invitation by email to be able to access the virtual conference.
  3. A test prior to the day of the conference will be held to make sure the system works properly.

Conferences for schools

  1. You must fill out the online form or send a letter requesting the conference. It must be approved by the school principal.
  2. Schools that already have a multi-risk emergency plan will have priority.
  3. Students who are taking the earth sciences course will have priority as well.
  4. The conference applicant shall:
    • Provide a safe parking spot for the resource.
    • Receive the resource and take him/her to the designated area for the conference. Occasionally, the resource will need assistance with the educational materials and equipment.
    • During the conference a teacher or any other person in charge must be present, to maintain control of the activity.
    • You must have a suitable room to project. The Seismic Network does not provide a projection screen (we only provide a computer, projector and educational material).
    • If the group or place is large, you should consider using sound equipment.
  5. A minimum of 50 participants are required for one of our resource to visit your school.
  6. The resource may offer up to 2 conferences per visit. Schools can only request conferences once every semester.
  7. Avoid mixing students of different levels in the same section (Ex. Kindergarten students with 5th grade students).
  8. If for some reason the resource considers that his/her safety is at risk (weather conditions, inconvenience or breach of rules) the conference may be canceled or postponed.

Conferences for the general public

  1. Have a minimum of 50 participants.
  2. The conference applicant must make sure to provide parking, receive the resource and have a room with the right equipment to project.
  3. The conference may be canceled or postponed if the resource considers his/her safety is at risk (weather conditions, inconvenience or breach of rules).

Conferences in campus

  1. Will be offered only during the RUM universal period:
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm.
  2. Our conference room has a capacity for up to 12 participants, otherwise a classroom within the university will be requested.

Conferences for private or for-profit entities

  1. The conferences have a cost of $50.00 per hour, including the round trip time to our facilities.
Fill Out Form Online

Alternatives for requesting conferences:

1. Send a letter with the following information:

  • Name of the entity, school or institution
  • Telephone number of the entity, school or institution
  • Number of people/participants (include the education level)
  • 3 tentative dates (mandatory)
  • Time (time available for the conference)
  • Applicant’s contact information:
    • Phone number
    • Address
    • Email

2. Send it to:

  • Email:

Virtual Conference

  • To use the option of a virtual conference, you should have internet connection and speakers.

Exceptional cases should be consulted with anticipation and are subjected to the availability of resources.