No Warning, Advisory or Watch is in effect for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

PRSN Instrumentation

The PRSN currently operates about 34 seismic stations in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. There are two types of stations according to their technology; there are the analog stations which consist of a sensor, a communication system, batteries and solar panel and other peripheral electronic equipment. And the digital stations that besides containing the equipment already mentioned need a digitizer.

There are three main types of sensors: Short Period, Broadband and Accelerometer. Short period and broadband stations are also known as smooth motion stations because they detect lower intensity events very well, but when they are very strong, they can become saturated. Accelerometers are considered strong motion stations because they are designed to scale up the higher intensity events.

The short period sensors are Teledyne Geotech S-13 vertical component and the Mark L-4 three component, have a natural frequency of 1 Hz. Among the broadband sensors the PRSN has the following models: CMG-40T (30s to 50 Hz), CMG-3ESP (100s to 50 Hz) and CMG-3T and the Trillium 120s PH, QA, PA, Horizon from Nanometrics. The strong motion sensors are Episensor(FBA of 2g and 4g) and Titan 4g(Nanometrics).

Digital Signal

All signals are digitized before processing. The short time signals are digitized in the offices of the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, while the broadband and strong motion signals are digitized in the same station. The short period instruments, as well as the accelerometers, are digitized at 100 samples per second (sps), while the broadband instruments are digitized at 100 samples per second (sps). Digitizers from Nanometrics, Refraction Technology (Reftek), Q330 Kinemetrics and Data Acquisition Systems are used to digitize the broadband stations.

For the transmission of data, in real time, radios in the VHF, UHF bands are used. Spread spectrum radios, microwave, satellite transmission and Internet are also used. The data from the stations is sent directly or through repeaters to Mayagüez. There are three repeater stations: Cerro La Santa in Guavate, Cerro Santa Ana in Maricao and Cerro Punta in Jayuya. At these repeaters, the signals from the stations are combined and retransmitted. In Tortola BVI, the data is transmitted via Internet, in Anegada BVI, it is transmitted via Satellite.

Satelites GPS

The PRSN also has 18 permanent GPS (Global Position System) stations, located in Puerto Rico, adjacent islands and American and British Virgin Islands. The acquisition instruments are from the company Trimble (Alloy, NetRS and NetR9) and Topcon. Also the RSPR operates 7 tide gauges located in the coasts of Puerto Rico, adjacent islands and British Virgin Islands. The data acquisition equipment for the tide gauges is from the company Sutron (SatLink, Xpert), the company AquatraK (Sensor Aquatrak) and YSI (NILE-502 Radar).

All signals are received and stored in the PRSN offices located on the University Campus of Mayagüez. All data are processed digitally and incorporated into a database. In many of the broadband stations there is also a temporary data recording in the field or in the repeater.

Seismic stations operated by the Puerto Rico Seismic Network in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

This table lists our seismic stations and accelerometers. If you want to view a full list of stations, including those from other regions, please use our Station Monitoring Tool

Station Type Network Location Latitude Longitude
ABVISeismometerPRAnegada, British Virgin Island18.729610-64.332540
ABVIAccelerometerPRAnegada, British VI18.729670-64.332534
ACPRSeismometerPRAruba, UNESCO12.505711-70.001080
ACPRAccelerometerPRAruba, UNESCO12.505711-70.001080
AGPRSeismometerPRFinca Montana, Aguadilla, PR18.467493-67.111184
AGPRAccelerometerPRFinca Montana, Aguadilla, PR18.467493-67.111184
AOPRSeismometerPRArecibo, Puerto Rico18.346645-66.753975
AOPRAccelerometerPRArecibo Observatory, PR18.346645-66.753979
AR02AccelerometerPRUPR, Arecibo.18.470890-66.740300
ASPRSeismometerPRAlbergue Olimpico, Salinas, PR18.028908-66.234546
ASPRAccelerometerPRAlbergue Olimpico, Salinas, PR18.028908-66.234546
BRR1AccelerometerPRFire Station, Barranquitas, PR18.189345-66.304420
BY02AccelerometerPRBayamon-OMME, PR18.408413-66.147911
CBR1AccelerometerPRFire Station, Cabo Rojo, PR18.089592-67.147030
CDVISeismometerPRSaint Croix, USVI17.752220-64.764720
CDVIAccelerometerPRSaint Croix, USVI17.752220-64.764720
CELPSeismometerPRCerrillos, Ponce, PR18.074850-66.579167
CELPAccelerometerPRCerrillos, Ponce, PR18.074850-66.579167
CG01AccelerometerPRCaguas-OMME, PR18.215875-66.035552
CLS1AccelerometerPRFire Station, Ciales, PR18.341740-66.468060
COM1AccelerometerPRFire Station, Coamo, PR18.077385-66.368454
CR01AccelerometerPRCarolina - Fire Station, PR18.398270-65.966050
CRPRSeismometerPRCabo Rojo, Puerto Rico18.006400-67.109600
CRPRAccelerometerPRNWR - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico18.006409-67.109582
CUPRSeismometerPRCulebra, Puerto Rico18.307500-65.282570
CUPRAccelerometerPRCulebra, Puerto Rico18.307400-65.282500
CVPRAccelerometerPRCROEV, Villalba, Puerto Rico18.121306-66.497887
ECPRSeismometerPREstacion Experimental Corozal,Puerto Rico18.318740-66.362870
ECPRAccelerometerPREstacion Experimental Corozal,Puerto Rico18.318740-66.362870
EMPRSeismometerPREsperanza - Manati, PR18.477000-66.529600
EMPRAccelerometerPREsperanza, Manati, Puerto Rico18.477098-66.529495
FAPRSeismometerPRFundacion Amor, Ceiba, PR18.21660-65.65660
GBPRSeismometerPRBosque Seco Guanica, PR17.9751-66.8792
GCPRSeismometerPRConvento El Buen Pastor, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico18.309000-66.083600
GCPRAccelerometerPRConv. El Buen Pastor, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico GCPR HN1 PR 00 2516580000.000000 0.000000 18.309000 -66.083600 40.0000 16777216.000000 0.000000 4 5 Conv. El Buen Pastor, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico18.309000-66.083600
GNC1AccelerometerPROMME, Guanica, Puerto Rico.17.972204-66.908646
GY01AccelerometerPRGuaynabo - Fire Station, PR18.357885-66.115921
GYM1AccelerometerPRGuayama - Fire Station, PR17.972000-66.114060
GYN1AccelerometerPRFire Station, Guayanilla, PR18.019999-66.791530
HM01AccelerometerPRHumacao - Fire Station, PR18.153996-65.827728
HUMPSeismometerPRHumacao, PR18.142069-65.848851
HUMPAccelerometerPRHumacao, PR18.142069-65.848851
ICMPSeismometerPRCaja de Muertos17.886300-66.526700
ICMPAccelerometerPRCaja de Muertos, PR17.886300-66.526700
IDESeismometerPRIsla de Desecch18.384447-67.479150
IGPRSeismometerPRUniversidad Interamericana, Guayama, Puerto Rico17.965365-66.106822
IGPRAccelerometerPRINTER, Guayama, Puerto Rico17.965485-66.106851
IMPRSeismometerPRIsla Mona, Puerto Rico18.076971-67.931123
IMPRAccelerometerPRMona Island, Puerto Rico18.076971-67.931123
ISPRAccelerometerPRInterAmerican University, San German, Puerto Rico.18.084788-67.049025
LJS1AccelerometerPROMME, Lajas, PR18.044518-67.060036
LSPSeismometerPRCROEM, Cerro Las Mesas - Mayaguez, PR18.175731-67.085816
LSPAccelerometerPRCROEM, Cerro Las Mesas - Mayaguez, PR18.175731-67.085816
MCPRAccelerometerPROMME, Coamo, Puerto Rico18.077249-66.362409
MLPRSeismometerPRIsla Magueyes, Puerto Rico17.969427-67.044223
MLPRAccelerometerPRMagueyes Island, Lajas, Puerto Rico17.969427-67.044223
MNB1AccelerometerPRMaunabo - Fire Station, PR18.005018-65.901512
MRC1AccelerometerPRFire Station, Maricao, PR18.184631-66.981827
MTPSeismometerPRVieques, Puerto Rico18.097200-65.552500
MTPAccelerometerPRMt. Pirate Vieques18.097254-65.552720
MY10AccelerometerPRMayaguez, UPRM18.215050-67.138700
NGB1AccelerometerPRNaguabo - Fire Station, PR18.213261-65.741379
OBIPSeismometerPRObispado Ponce, Puerto Rico18.042798-66.606233
OBIPAccelerometerPRObispado Ponce, Puerto Rico18.042798-66.606233
PCDRSeismometerPRPunta Cana, Dominican Republic18.513900-68.381400
PCDRAccelerometerPRPunta Cana, Dominican Republic18.513900-68.381400
PDPRSeismometerPRPatillas Dam - Patillas, PR18.018098-66.022210
PDPRAccelerometerPRPatillas, Puerto Rico18.018100-66.022200
PN13AccelerometerPRUPR, Ponce.17.992680-66.606956
PRSNSeismometerPRPRSN-UPRM, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico18.217091-67.144813
PRSNAccelerometerPRPRSN-UPRM, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico18.217091-67.144813
QBPRAccelerometerPROMME, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico18.477231-66.938815
ROPRAccelerometerPROMME, Rincon, Puerto Rico.18.337624-67.249949
SJ07AccelerometerPRUPR. San Juan18.398479-66.073400
SJVISeismometerPRSt. John, US VI18.331536-64.771816
SJVIAccelerometerPRSt. John, US VI18.331536-64.771816
SMDRSeismometerPRSamana, Dominican Republic19.2898-69.1882
SMDRAccelerometerPRSamana, Dominican Republic19.289800-69.188200
SNG1AccelerometerPRFire Station, San German, PR18.093200-67.030590
SNS1AccelerometerPRFire Station, San Sebastian, PR18.335960-66.994507
STVISeismometerPRSaint Thomas, USVI18.352395-64.956494
STVIAccelerometerPRSaint Thomas, USVI18.352395-64.956494
TA02AccelerometerPRTrujillo Alto, Carraizo Dam, PR18.329515-66.016396
TBVISeismometerPRTortola, British, VI18.415000-64.618610
TBVIAccelerometerPRDDM, Tortola, USVI18.415041-64.618605
UUPRSeismometerPRUPR-Utuado, Puerto Rico18.252777-66.720185
UUPRAccelerometerPRUPR-Utuado, Puerto Rico18.252777-66.720185
VGB1AccelerometerPROMME - Vega Baja, PR18.446080-66.390430
VGBISeismometerPRVirgin Gorda, BVI18.490224-64.402362
VGBIAccelerometerPRVirgin Gorda, BVI18.490224-64.402362
VQS1AccelerometerPRVieques, Puerto Rico18.097250-65.552720
VQS2AccelerometerPRVieques - Fire Station, PR18.140902-65.439293
VRG1AccelerometerPRVirgen Gorda, BVI.18.448709-64.434273
YAC2AccelerometerPRFire Station, Yauco, PR18.335960-66.994507
ZCPRAccelerometerPRNMEAD, Ceiba, Puerto Rico.18.254189-65.640482