No Warning, Advisory or Watch is in effect for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

PRSN Researchers

Víctor Huérfano Moreno, PhD

Director, Associate Researcher

PhD in Physical Oceanography, specialized in Tsunami Science in the UPRM. Masters degree in Physics, specialized in Geophysics in the UPRM. He is currently the Interim Director of the Puerto Rico Seismic Network


Office: EDIF-D 110

Phone Number: 787-833-8433, 787-265-5452, ext. 2238

Link: Researchgate

Elizabeth A. Vanacore, PhD

Associate Researcher

Seismologist and Researcher specialized in terrestrial imaging using seismology as the foundation. Her investigations are currently focused in the imaging of different objectives in the Earth's cortex, mantle and nucleus through the application of computational and observational seismology.


Twitter: @EAVanacore

Office: EDIF-D 109

Phone Number: 787-833-8433, 787-265-5452, ext. 2239

Link: Researchgate

Alberto López Venegas, PhD

Associate Research Professor

Seismologist and Geophysicist working on the application of seismological methods to scientific problems in the Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands


Office: F-417 B

Phone Number: 787-832-4040, ext. 2704

Link: Researchgate