No Warning, Advisory or Watch is in effect for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Procedure to Request Services

I.     Seismicity Reports

Web Page

The local seismicity data for the Puerto Rico region can be found on our webpage

To obtain information for specific time periods you can utilize our Search Page. This page utilizes the data in our general catalogues database to find the earthquakes that fit a specific criteria. You can also obtain information of our most recent significant earthquakes on this page: Significant Earthquakes This page contains the information of recent earthquakes that fit the following criteria: Felt in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, Not felt but with a magnitude higher than 3.5 and in the Puerto Rico Region, or Outside our area of responsibility but with a magnitude of 6.0 or higher (In the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic)

II.     Official PRSN Seismic Reports

For Official seismic reports or certifications, a written petition must be made to Víctor Huérfano Moreno, Interim Director and Auxiliary Investigator. For information about this service you can call the PRSN and talk with geologist Gisela Báez-Sánchez (Coordinator of the Analyst Area & Geophysical Data Processing, Auxiliary Investigator III). The petitions can be sent to our fax as well at: (787) 265-1684

An invoice will be sent through fax or email indicating the cost of the report or certification. The report or certification will not be set to the petitioner until the corresponding payment is received.

A.    Seismic Event Bulletins/Tsunami Bulletins, Monthly and Annual Seismicity Reports

The PRSN produces reports for each felt earthquake or event with tsunamigenic potential in the Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands regions, known as Seismic Event/Tsunami Bulletins. On the other hand, the Monthly Seismicity Reports are produced monthly, and close in the first working day of the month (Ex. May 2004 closes the first of June 2004). Annual Seismicity Reports close on the month of January of each new year and includes seismicity information for the previous year (Ex. 2003's Annual Report closes on January 2004). Copies of these reports can be requested and have a cost of $5.00 per bulletin or report.

B.    Seismicity Reports (Specific)

The PRSN can prepare certificates and seismicity reports for specific time periods, as long as these are submitted via written requests. The request must include the name of the petitioner, the postal address, a contact phone number, a fax number, a specific time period for the report, the specific location for the report (if applicable), the type of report wanted, and the purpose for the request. These reports or certifications are based on the information in our databases and are not earthquake damage certifications, so they will only include quantitative and qualitative information of earthquakes during the time period requested.

The Seismicity Certificates are a simple report that details whether there was seismicity during a time period. These are prepared for a time period of 1 day up to a week, or for a single felt event. The cost of these certificates range from $25 to $100 per certificate

The Seismicity Reports are reports that detail the information about earthquakes and seismicity over a time period. These can be prepared for a time period of a month or various months or years. These can also be made for a specific seismic swarm. The cost of these reports is $50 per hour required to complete the report

Seismicity Report Form (Spanish)